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Search and Destroy
Fred A. Weasley
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16e-sep-2005 07:49 pm - Killing wait
I hate it when time seems to freeze. When it all just becomes one never-ending day; when tomorrow is not another day because it feels like the same 24 hours replay over and over again: Stop. Rewind. Play.


And again.

And again.

Why is there no 'Fast Forward' button?

Meh. I suppose I watched one too many movies. Hate to think that Harry was the one who got me hooked. And I hate to think about it because it still makes me snigger. One of the only Harry-memories not yet associated with anger.

Or tears.

Bleh. At least in movies, any wizard has to admit muggles have outshone us by far: even though they couldn't wave a wand to save their lives, they didn't need water to make a flood happen or wood to set a forest on fire. Hey: They didn't even need a forest to set it on fire! All they needed was a piece of metal with wires crisscrossing it and a mineral chip. Computers: I still can't bloody believe these wonders. Even though I have one sitting right accross me. And no, it isn't just for show.

I digress. As usual. But what else is there to do? I swear, these weeks are starting to look like bloody fucking Malfoys: infinitesimally different variations of one rusty mold: same old, same old... And what a n antique mold! To keep trademark hair that malfoyishly light is a sign of too much inbreeding: if it isn't a cousin three times removed, then it's a distantly related aunt.

What am I talking about? I better go do something. Anything. Thinking of Malfoys and blood purity can only lead me to the bottle of Everclear I hide (securely) out of Lee's reach. And I don't fancy reeking of alcohol tomorrow. I think we have no more running water for showers.
21e-aoû-2005 02:21 am - Lab overdose
I have been locked in that room for far too long: I think the fuels are getting to me. Never again, Fred, never again will you work for sixty hours straight on Runes while processing Floo powder at the same time... I don’t want to end up as dirty, as black and as magically drained again.

At least the Runes for the modified Floo are perfect now, if I do say so myself. I’m rather proud of them: the Order can now deliver almost anything anywhere with standard wards, and no receiver is needed. Ah, runic charms... I have found a use for them after all.

I still have to retrieve the Innocuous Stink Bombs from the dump room... I have no idea where I last left them since they were lethal... No, not quite. The Bombs were more like dangerously lethal: they cost Charlie his eye before he… Before.

Meh. I better go eat. George and me are on a tight schedule: the party where George has decided to test the Bombs and the new Floo is on Sunday.


I should go and search for the Bombs. Then I’ll have to ask for a live coverage of the Death Eater party: I need to know how the experiment is going, and if I have to remove, modify or add anything else to my little wonders.

But then again, how are we going to get coverage? Muggles used to use radiowaves… Or we could get Skeeter, and spell her beetle eyes... And ‘Imperio’ her, and make her go to the party...

Why not? I like that. I like that a lot.
8e-aoû-2005 02:31 pm(pas de sujets)
They are using our Innocuous Stink Bombs. I know they are because I would know one of my children at work anywhere. I devised those three years ago, small Muggle foamed spheres I charmed to continuously exhale hydrogen cyanide. The Militia is blinded by its Muggle prejudice: its members wouldn’t even think of testing for deadly Muggle gas…

But who’s behind the killing of the militiamen responsible for poor Simon Clarke’s murder? The Innocuous Stink Bombs haven’t been in circulation for almost two years. And no one I know has discovered the charm. Yet.

Something fishy is happening here… I don’t like it. At all.

But who am I to talk? I am not the one who got rid of the scum, am I?
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